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Top 30 Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2023 - The New York Finance 

Anastasia Primo  is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with six years of experience. Her career journey has taken her from startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations and top-tier agencies. She developed a unique documentation process that empowers founders to effectively communicate with their teams. Her approach provides clients with the vocabulary needed to convey their vision to developers, marketers, and designers, streamlining the creative process and reducing launch timelines by an impressive 30%.

Anastasia’s brand, is dedicated to helping founders achieve their goals by bridging the communication divide within their teams. While initially designed for human teams, Step1 Strategy is now evolving to meet the demands of an AI-driven world, working on innovative tools that expedite launch timelines while maintaining brand authenticity and precision.

Her inspirational journey began with limited English skills upon moving to the US at 15. Now, at 24, she’s a multilingual marketing expert, martial artist, entrepreneur, and community leader.

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